I’ve written before about how much video streaming and TV viewing has changed since my years in college. But just as how I’m watching has changed, so has what I’m watching.

When my parents moved my brother and me out to the country just before second grade, they started a cable subscription. My friends may have only had what we called “The Farmer Five” channels, but we lived in style with Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, and so much more. By the time I was a young adult, cable seemed an important necessity to a wholesome life.

However, when I graduated from college and suddenly the cable bill was left for me to pay, I opted out of the $60/month option for $10 monthly Netflix payment and access to all the reruns I could ever hope for.

It’s funny to think that I’ve been sending money to Netflix for almost 10 years. And even in that time, I’ve shifted away from my weekly Netflix DVD in the mail and bingeing on the TV show box sets I keep in a basket near my Blu-ray player. Now I stream everything through my Xbox, and most of my DVD’s have shrunk down to the size of an external hard drive for easy transport and access wherever I go.

Plus, while Netflix is still great for a good, nostalgic rerun marathon, there are Netflix Original shows to consider as well in the mix. So this week, I want to share…

My Top Five Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

Orange is the New Black: This might be the first Netflix Original I first got hooked on, but now I can’t stop. Based on the memoir of the real Piper Chapman, this show shares multiple perspectives of America’s messy underbelly over the backdrop of a short-term prison in New York. It is the perfect blend of edgy, sassy, and honest to the point that I have to make sure to clear my social calendar for at least a week when a new season comes out. (Episode length is up to 60 minutes)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Since moving to Chicago, I have been regularly called an Indiana Mole Woman, and it doesn’t even bother me. This show tells the story of Kimmy Schmidt, a girl who was abducted and kept underground for over a decade with several other women in Indiana. After being rescued, she moves to NYC, and the rest is comedic perfection. (Episode length is up to 30 minutes)

Grace and Frankie: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin both star in this show about two women rebuilding their lives after their husbands come out as gay…for each other. The situation is already too funny for words, but then add in a group of writers who have managed to create a show where we can laugh with the act of aging, not at it. Fonda and Tomlin are still graceful as they deal with bad backs, carpel tunnel, and reentering the dating pool after 50 years of marriage. (Episode length is up to 30 minutes)

Fuller House: It’s the same house, a lot of the same actors, and the same level of family feel good cheese…but something about this reboot just feels right. There’s a little less mood music, a little more girl power, plus guest appearances by John Stamos if you’re willing to commit to a whole season. (Episode length is up to 30 minutes)

Julie’s Greenroom: You can tell me this show is meant for children until your face turns blue, but that still hasn’t stopped me from loving every second of it. Think Julie Andrews (my favorite human) meets Muppets meets the fine arts…plus guest appearances from Idina Menzel, Josh Groban, Chris Colfer, and so many more! If you’re a Broadway junkie like me, you just might have to pull up a chair and check it out. (Episode length is up to 30 minutes)

I know there are so many other good originals on Netflix (and more being added every day). What are you watching this summer, readers? Post your recommendations in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Netflix Binging Worth Your Time

  1. Already binged OITNB and Kimmy Schmidt. So good. Now on House of Cards. I definitely want to check Grace and Frankie. It sounds awesome and what great actors. Fuller House and Julie’s Greenroom sound wonderful. Thanks for giving me more shows to add to my queue.


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