I think we’ve all had enough of rants this year – and it’s only February.

So consider this an encouraging “how to” guide in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.

I know many of us are scared and angry and uncertain as we slowly step into 2017. But no matter what side we’ve all ended up on, I hope we can still remember how to treat each other as humans.

And that doesn’t mean calling out shame on people for expressing their opinions.

It doesn’t mean using words like “conservative” and “liberal” as if they are swears.

It doesn’t mean assuming the worst of people because they use words like “Muslim” or “Christian” or (dare I say it) “Caucasian” to describe themselves.

It DOES mean we should all remember how to log into social media without an agenda – unless that agenda is sharing the latest photo of your cat.

It DOES mean admitting that even Canada has a divided political system, and nothing was ever solved by running away from problems.

It DOES mean that sometimes the world makes sense, and those are the most important moments to remember where you stashed the chocolate.

2017 does not need to mean blocking people left and right or losing track of how to have a civil conversation as soon as someone says “Trump.” Just as it has for every year of life up to this point, all it has to mean is a new opportunity to love and challenge others to do the same every day.

We can do this together – promise.


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