Women have all had to wear bras through our adult life. And even though they’re stupid and sweaty and can cause all sorts of pain, I never knew that wearing the right bra size could be so life-changing. Seriously, after getting my first ever bra sizing, I am wearing a properly fitted bra for the first time in maybe 10 years.  And not only do I feel more comfortable with my whole upper body, but did you know that at least 65% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?

So then I started looking into this topic some more, and I am floored at some of the facts that no one tells you about why it’s so important to wear a properly sized bra. For example:

Posture – We don’t have to go too far into the fact that a properly fitted bra makes your overall shape look less like a sack of potatoes. But women who don’t wear properly fitted bras regularly experience back pain and are more prone to slouching than those women who do.

Pain –  Too often, the pain isn’t limited to your spine. You could also be experiencing breast and skin irritation all because your not wearing the right bra size. Unexplained stomach pain and headaches can also sometimes be traced back to an ill-fitted bra.

Lymph Node Health –  Lymph nodes are a crucial element of your immune system, and lymphatic vessels run through a woman’s breasts. If you’re wearing the wrong bra size, you could be squishing your lymph valves and therefore preventing them from working properly.

What can we do about this? Make sure you are getting fitted regularly. Any drastic change in weight or lifestyle (having a baby or picking up running, for example) should lead to another bra sizing as soon as possible. And don’t break the bank doing it! Thanks to the internet, you can figure out your size in the comfort of your own home. Or you can go to a store that will do it for free like Victoria’s Secret. Remember you should try on a new bra for looks, comfort, and fit under clothing.

No matter what, don’t be like me. I didn’t even know the discomfort I was brushing aside until I took the time to get fitted. And now I’m never looking back.


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