I’ve never been a big one for New Years resolutions. Too often I’ve heard friends swear that big life changes are coming their way starting in January, and this usually leads to giant leaps in diet, gym membership, and even clothing. For me, I believe a little more in small steps, individual habits that could lead to a healthier and happier me. And to help me toward that end, today I’m going to share my top personal challenges for 2017.

Exercise – This could mean meeting my FitBit step goal for the day, taking some time for a DoYouYoga workout, or maybe just making sure I’m moving during evening TV time. It doesn’t need to take up my whole day, but I wholly believe in Elle Woods’ words from Legally Blonde:



Journal –  I am firm believer in the value of processing through words. So whether this be personal journal entries or keeping up my bullet journal every day, I want to make sure to commit to this time for me every day. (By the way, did you know these were the top bullet journal spreads in 2016?)

Submit writing – This is a no-brainer. I’m going to school to work on my writing, so I should probably work on getting my writing published, right? That’s why I’ve subscribed to Submittable’s weekly newsletter about possible publishing opportunities, and I’m committing to sending out a piece of my writing at least once a month.

Reading –  I already love to read, but too often books end up on the back burner when I get home. So I’m committing to less Netflix binging and more time with my nose in a good book in 2017. I plan to read at least two books a month (which I know is probably too low), or maybe I should commit to being like this guy.

Baking – This is my personal hobby that keeps me sane. There is something about flour and sugar and butter that just makes sense when the rest of the world doesn’t. Plus, then I get to save the world with cookies, like this awesome lady:

stranger than fiction


What are your personal goals going to be in 2017? I hope at least one of them involves something you really love!


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