I think the hardest part of adulting for me was the transition from snow days and lazy winter mornings to scraping off ice and trudging through the cold. It’s not as easy to love snowflakes when boots are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. But with all of that in mind, I still think there is some beauty to be found in grownup winter days – as long as you know how to survive it.

Here are some of the things I have learned to love most about cold weather months:

Coffee mug walks: You are never too old to drink hot cocoa, and that’s especially true when the cup is keeping your hands warm. I love this sneaky trick of packing my morning tea or coffee in a mug that I can hold on my commute to work. And I always make sure to pour my morning beverage when it’s too hot for me to drink. That way, it can serve two purposes: warming up my hands and then cooling down my tea before I’m ready to drink it!

Layering weather: I’d always rather be a little too cold than too hot, because then I can always put on another layer. As an adult, you have to consider function over form, so you can’t always go with the cute option if it’s not warm enough. But with that in mind, I love boots with a good lining and fleece-lined leggings and scarves and sweaters and big puffy coats. It is my personal goal whenever I walk outside in the winter to feel like a human marshmallow, and I’d like to say I usually achieve it.

Mittens vs gloves: We all were probably forced by our moms to wear mittens when we were younger, and as an adult, I want to believe that gloves are the more adult option. But I have now discovered the beauty of layering gloves underneath a pair of mittens. That way, you can always pull off the mitten if you need to text or grip something with your fingers. And you get the added mitten layer to help you feel like your hand isn’t about to fall off from frostbite.

Indoor Fun: I usually love spending as much time outdoors as possible, but during the winter months, I love the opportunity to curl up and stay inside. This doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Start a Netflix binging challenge with a friend. Listen to podcasts while you try out a new craft. Set up an indoor obstacle course for your pet/roommate/friends, and whoever finishes first gets a prize. I know I’ll be stir-crazy by February, but for now, I am brimming with ideas on how to stay inside while the weather outside is frightful.

Don’t forget–we are all meant to look and feel like marshmallows for the next few months!


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