With Halloween and the holiday season almost upon us, I have parties on the brain. Today I’d like to share…


  1. Don’t stress over a gourmet meal. One entree and a snack appetizer are all a crowd really needs. Last year for your Halloween party, you did burgers and jalapeno poppers (I still dream about both because they were amazing). Also chips and salsa…because who can’t eat that stuff for days?
  2. With that in mind, last minute shopping is inevitable. Make it easier on yourself (and learn from my mistakes), and decide what you’re making/providing before going to the store. Stick with your meal plan, and you’ll only have to go to the store once.
  3. Establish BYOB rules. This is not cheap. It’s a crowd pleaser. That way, everyone gets what they want to drink, as much as they want to drink, and if you are blessed by the laws of transporting open containers, you just might get to keep the leftovers.
  4. Entertainment comes in many forms. You are never too old to play drinking games. Or fall back on good ol’ staples like Spoons or Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. Make sure anything you have on hand allows for a crowd to join in, not just one or two people.
  5. Remember the people you’ve invited are your friends. They already like you. So unless you’ve gone all out with a last minute themed party (and really, why would you do that to yourself?), you don’t have to worry about impressing them.
  6. Have fun! The point of a party is to get awesome people together, not to break the bank or stress you out with an agenda.

Man, I wish I was still in town for my best friend’s annual Halloween get-together! But I’m sure Chicago will have its own brand of ghoulish fun!


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