Even though we can talk to anyone in our world today, it’s still easy to miss friends when distance is separating you. There honestly aren’t many hours during the day that my friends and I aren’t communicating through at least one social platform–or three–and most of those hours take place while we’re working. We’re chatty, so I thought I’d give some tips on workplace technology etiquette to keep us in check.


  1. Know the rules. It’s 2016, so if your workplace doesn’t have a cell phone usage policy, they’re in the minority. It’s important to know what your boss and fellow employees expect from you when it comes to using your cell phone at work. You can usually find this information in your employee handbook. No one likes the guy who takes personal calls where everyone can hear him. Plus, it’s super rude to be scrolling through your Twitter feed when you’re supposed to be contributing to a meeting. Use your common sense, and you’ll be golden.
  2. Do your job. If you’re using your cell phone or any other form of technology for non-work related reasons, be sure you are still getting your job done. Technology can be a distraction (and a useful one for slow days at work), but don’t let it get in the way either. If you’re like me and can handle doing your job and carrying on a conversation over Google Hangouts–go for it! Keep in mind, your boss isn’t paying you to stare at your phone all day. If it’s going to get you into trouble, keep your cell phone on silent and in your pocket.
  3. Know your workplace environment. How hectic is your workplace? Are you constantly busy? Are you working with clients or customers all day long? Does your boss have a strong opinion on cell phone or computer usage? Some workplaces are more suited to personal technology use than others.
  4. Use more convenient platforms. Speaking of Google Hangouts, using your computer to keep yourself and your bestie entertained when the day starts to drag is much easier than a cell phone. It’s more low key. You won’t be distracting your co-workers with every text notification you receive. Plus, chances are, you’re already sitting in front of your computer anyway–multitask. My favorite is Facebook Messenger, because GIFs are worth a thousand words.
  5. There’s always lunch. Since I spend my whole day on social media for work, my lunch break is typically my time to get away from it. I typically watch an episode of something on Netflix or check out a few videos on YouTube (okay, so maybe I don’t stay away from social media altogether). If you can’t be on your phone or computer during work for some reason, using your lunch break to get in some chit chat with a friend is a great way to de-stress.

Hopefully this will help us all keep our priorities straight. (Well, straight-ish.)


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